Lumbini On Trial: The Untold Story


The present site of Lumbini, the Buddha’s birthplace, is a colossal fraud, begun in 1896 and carefully fostered ever since. The details of its discovery disclose a sorry tale of deception and intrigue, which is told here for the first time.


1. Introduction

2, Fuhrer’s Early Years

3. The Nigliva Discovery

4. The Lumbini Discovery

5. The Lumbini Pillar

6, The Location of the Lumbini Pillar

7. The Mayadevi Temple

8. The Piprahwa Discoveries

9. Tilaurakot

10. The Kapilavastu of the Chinese Pilgrims

11. Will the Real Kapilavastu Please Stand Up?

12. Lumbini

13. The Rama Stupa

14. From Rama to Kusinara



16. Postscript

17 References

18 Illustrations